Diabetes Control Diet – Blood Sugar Patients Must Be Careful in Food Selection

Diabetes Control Diet

Diabetes Control Diet

Having a proper diet is the first requirement of diabetics. Generally it is seen that old aged and obese people suffer from this illness. The consumption of healthy diet lessens the fat level in the body. Doctors and dietitians can better decide the meal plans for diabetics. Generally dietitians recommend diabetics a sugar free diet that is also low in fat and carbohydrate content. Meal planning is the biggest issue in case of diabetic. It is generally seen that mothers and wives are dictating their sons and husbands in terms of their meals. These women are trying to create a diabetic plan for their diabetic loved ones.

Diet plays a key role in diet management. The whole treatment therapy depends on the diet regimen. Following a healthy meal plan and controlling the temptation enables the diabetics to stay away from diabetes. Patients suffering from high blood sugar must be careful while selecting the foods

  • It is important that diabetics should select the foods that are high in their fiber content. American Diabetes Association strongly recommends that diabetics should incorporate many high fibrous foods like vegetables, fruits and cereals. These fiber rich foods help a lot in lowering down the level of blood glucose. Leafy vegetables also play a key role in reducing the level of blood sugar.
  • Mono-unsaturated fats are also good for diabetics. These mainly include peanut oil, olive oil, omega 3 and canola oil. Polyunsaturated fats are also equally good. These mainly include flaxseed oil, fish oil and walnuts. Diabetics must limit the saturated fats like butter and red meat. Blood sugar patients must choose low fat diary products or non fat dairy product. The whole milk must be avoided. Diabetics must avoid trans-fats like hydrogenated fat that is found in fried eatables and other bakery products.
  • Protein rich diet also includes around 12 to 20 % calories that are thought to be good for diabetics. Soy, fish as well as poultry meat is consumed in moderation and red meat must be avoided,
  • Diabetics must drink plenty of water. It is the simplest way of bringing the level of blood sugar down.
  • Diabetics must try to reduce or eliminate the quantity of alcohol consumption.
  • Fruits and vegetables and the raw form are best for diabetics, fruits have the natural sugar content so only those fruits must be selected that have a lower fructose content. Vegetables generally are lower in sugar so a person must incorporate maximum servings of vegetables in their meal plan.

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